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Intel has released the values ​​of its artificial intelligence accelerator GPU, Gaudi 3, and it brings great appeal to the market with a price well below the competition.

During Computex 2024, the company revealed that the kit containing eight units of its next hardware that will compete for space in the AI ​​industry will cost $125,000 in total. This means that the cost of each one is $15,625.

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And even though the biggest companies look to NVIDIA and its Blackwell B100 chip, the price difference between it and the Intel Gaudi 3 could bring a lot of attention from corporations that don’t want to spend $35,000 on every Jensen Huang GPU.

It is seen that, with an even higher demand, NVIDIA’s tendency is to increase this value even further in the near future – leaving space free for others to attract more economical options.

We have to agree on one aspect: it is possible that Intel Gaudi 3 will not bring the full potential of NVIDIA “Blackwell” B100 GPUs – however, while large corporations will close deals with Jensen Huang’s company, there are hundreds of others that will simply look for solutions more accessible to use their artificial intelligence.


The Intel Gaudi 3 Ecosystem

When we talk about ecosystem, no competitor tramples NVIDIA’s leadership in the market. They not only sell the GPU, but also bring a set of resources to their consumers, such as CUDA libraries, Grace CPUs, various assets and software that can be used to boost productivity.

However, Intel does not intend to be left behind with its Gaudi 3 accelerators. In addition to the kit with eight of them, there are also options to scale to super-cluster numbers of 512, 4,096 and up to 8,192; being able to reach 15 Exaflops of performance, 1 PB of capacity and bandwidth of 1,229 PB/s.


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