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Intel’s Lunar Lake processors will be officially called “Core Ultra 200V”, moving away from the Core Ultra 200 in the Arrow Lake-S line. The nomenclature was confirmed during the presentation of the technology during Computex 2024, even though it was already leaked before the event.

In the same presentation, they revealed their flagship: the Intel Core Ultra 7 268V CPU – with eight cores (4 Lion Cove + 4 Skymont) and eight Xe2 cores. In the demonstration, it is based on a frequency of 2.2 GHz, receiving a boost to 4 GHz and occasionally reaching 5 GHz.

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The processor, despite not having been formally presented alongside the others in the Lunar Lake line, is seen as one of the most powerful as it has 32GB memory (MoP, memory on package) – not upgradable. In other words, the CPUs will arrive with 16GB or 32GB, with this configuration showing the model with the highest specification.

Another important detail to mention is that the Intel Core Ultra 268V Arc (24H2) and supports Shader Model 6.8.

It is worth noting that Intel has not released the launch date for the Lunar Lake processors, but they are expected to hit the market in the next quarter. Manufacturers of notebooks and gaming notebooks – such as MSI – also did not disclose a date for their CPU-equipped products to hit stores.

Intel’s next announcements

Although its presentation is entirely focused on Lunar Lake / Core Ultra 200V processors, this does not mean that these are the only hardware that Intel will launch in 2024. As stated above, they also work on desktop CPUs from the Core Ultra 200 line – the Arrow Lake-S and H.

More details such as a launch date and specifications will be revealed in September, when the company will make its well-known “Innovation” presentation. This year, 2024, it will take place on September 24th and 25th and should dictate the manufacturer’s next steps in the tech industry.

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