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Intel Battlemage GPUs are close to being released and the manufacturer is currently working on support that will be offered on Linux-based operating systems. The proposal is to launch Lunar Lake processors – the Intel Core Ultra 200V – with their full features on these platforms.

According to Phoronix, the corporation is developing a working video driver for its new graphics cards and should bring it along with the Linux 6.11 kernel. The report notes that it is not “complete”, but it will at least enable video functionality for Battlemage GPUs within the operating system for the first time.

Intel Arc

It was also revealed that Intel is working on other features for Battlemage GPUs on Linux, such as changes to the Direct Render Management driver, enabling HPD display, and some features to save power consumption.

Saving consumption is one of the manufacturer’s biggest priorities, considering that the new graphics solution will first arrive integrated into Core Ultra 200V CPUs. It is important to take into account that, in this field, it will compete for space with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X and AMD Ryzen AI 300 chips.

Intel Core Ultra 200 2024

In other words, the Intel Battlemage GPU drivers must take this initial path, as energy efficiency is one of the main current advantages of the Snapdragon X. This means that the manufacturer will try its best to match or even further reduce this factor with its Lunar architecture. Lake.

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Intel’s design for Battlemage GPUs

Among the features that Intel wants to bring to Linux with its Battlemage GPUs, whether integrated into the processors or as its own hardware, is the panel repeat functionality – enabling the driver to only update parts of the display and presenting new information instead of just update the frame buffer.

It also intends to bring advanced Auxless power link management, “link-off-between-frames” support and content-compatible refresh rate (variant of VRR) – which are also techniques for saving energy consumption.


The arrival of Intel Battlemage GPUs

Intel intends to bring a 1.5x performance jump with its Battlemage GPUs in an integrated way, compared to the Arc Alchemist architecture. They state that there was a boost in the XMX (artificial intelligence) and improved vector engines, in addition to working with larger caches and RT units.

Regarding the XVE vector engine, the manufacturer points out that its integrated graphics can now achieve eight multiples of 512-bit per clock and eight multiples of 2048-bit per clock via XMX. The SIMD engine will also have an increase of 16 lanes.

It is important to note that even if the “mobile” Intel Battlemage GPUs do not arrive first, they will be the most important part of the project. Inevitably, the manufacturer sells more processors than discrete GPUs, with its focus becoming improving the experience where most consumers are.

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