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Samples of Intel Arc “Battlemage” Xe2 GPUs have been spotted being shipped to the manufacturer’s SoC development facilities in Bangalore, India and Shanghai, China. They are being shipped under the codename “Churchill Falls.”

The shipping manifests are quite revealing, noting that the SKUs called X3 and X4 have 448 Execution Units (EU) per 56 Xe cores. Assuming they retain the 128 unified shaders per core in this architecture, the GPU will have a total of 7,168 unified shaders – an increase of 75%.

This supposed result on the Intel Arc “Battlemage” Xe2 GPUs completely disregards an increase in IPC (instructions per cycle) and other possible architectural improvements, which makes it even more impressive. It is also mentioned that it will have a 256-bit memory bus – although it does not specify the memory type and speed.

Considering that the Arc Alchemist A770 GPUs were launched with 1440p as their focus, it is expected that the manufacturer will want to bring a technology capable of running games and videos in 4K resolution. Better 3D rasterization, ray tracing and artificial intelligence performance is also expected for discrete graphics cards.

Intel Arc

While this information about the Intel Arc “Battlemage” Xe2 boards is exciting, it’s important to note that the shipping manifest also states that these samples are for their research and development division – and may change depending on the results that are shared between them and engineering.

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The Intel Battlemage Generation

It is already public knowledge that Intel wants to launch its “Battlemage” Xe2 GPU in conjunction with the Intel Core Ultra 200V CPUs – in late 2024. However, nothing has been said about discrete graphics cards, even though it is already certain that we will see desktop versions of its most current technology.

The manufacturer’s plan is to use its architecture to reach an even larger market share – whether in notebooks or desktops. Rumors also suggest that its intention is to produce semi-custom chips to offer to Microsoft and Sony – so that they can be used in the next generations of their consoles.

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