A Intelduring the Computex 2024 event, announced the new name for its line of processors: “Core Ultra 200V“. This change marks a big difference from the previous Core Ultra 200, from the Arrow Lake-S series. The new nomenclature had already been the subject of rumors and leaks before. But it was only confirmed at this important technology event.

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Details of the new processor

During the same conference, attention turned to the display of a product that appears to be the flagship of this new era of Intel processors: the impressive Intel Core Ultra 7 268V. With a configuration that includes eight cores, distributed between 4 Lion Cove and 4 Skymont, in addition to eight Xe2 graphics cores, this processor attracted a lot of attention.

In the live demo, technical details revealed that the Core Ultra 7 268V starts running at a base frequency of 2.2GHz, with acceleration capabilities that take it to speeds of up to 4GHz and, impressively, reaching occasional peaks of up to 5GHz.

The announcement also highlighted an important difference of this processor, which is the integration of a generous amount of fixed memory in the package, reaching up to 32GB (MoP, memory on package). This suggests that future CPUs in the Lunar Lake line will come in two memory variants: models with 16GB or those equipped with 32GB – the latter representing the line’s premium offering.

We couldn’t stop talking about the GPU


No less important was the demonstration of the iGPU Arc Xe2 of Intel Core Ultra 268V operating together with Windows Display Driver Model 3.2. This synergy not only highlights the compatibility of Core Ultra 200V/Lunar Lake processors with the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11 version 24H2, but also highlights its support for Shader Model 6.8, a major advancement for enthusiasts and professionals who rely on of these technologies for your daily activities.

Although there is great expectation regarding the launch dates of the Lunar Lake line, Intel chose to keep secret when these new and powerful processors will be available on the market. However, there are optimistic forecasts that point to the launch in the next quarter. Likewise, partner manufacturers such as MSI, known for its notebooks and devices aimed at gamers, have maintained discretion about when they plan to make products that incorporate these new CPUs available.

Although the focus has predominantly been on the new Lunar Lake/Core Ultra 200V processors, it is important to highlight that Intel has ambitious plans for 2024. In addition to these products, the company is engaged in the development of other solutions such as the Core Ultra 200 desktop CPUs belonging to the Arrow Lake-S and H lines, promising to further raise the level of personal and professional computing.

Additional details, including precise release dates and additional technical information, are expected to be revealed at a later date. To satisfy the curiosity of fans and experts, Intel has scheduled its traditional “Innovation” event for September 24th and 25th. On this occasion, it is expected to learn more in depth about what the Santa Clara giant has prepared for the near future in the world of semiconductors and computing in general.

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Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-06/intel-core-ultra-200-lunar-lake.html

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