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HP is rebranding its business and consumer computers. Line names such as “Spectre” and “Dragonfly” will no longer be used from the next notebooks, desktops and AIOs – adopting the term “Omni” from now on.

HP desktops will be called “OmniDesk”, notebooks will be “OmniBook” and AIOs will be called “OmniStudio”. Each model will have a modifier, identifying its level of technology – with the subnames “3”, “5”, “7”, “X” or “Ultra”.

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As you can speculate, an “OmniBook Ultra” will be HP’s highest grade notebook – while the others will continue with numbers in line with the proposal.

HP’s senior vice president of design and sustainability, Stacy Wolff, reaffirmed the proposal within the official announcement of the OmniBook and other products.

For example, an HP OmniBook 3 will have greater appeal to consumers who prioritize entertainment and personal use, while the OmniBook X will have a design aimed at those who have high technical and creative demands.

Stacy Wolff

OmniBooks is a step back in time

It is important to remember that the “Omni” nomenclature was already used by HP in the 1990s, when it brought its first OmniBooks. The first, launched in 1993, was the OmniBook 300 with an Intel 386 processor, a 9-inch monochrome VGA monitor and 40MB of storage. The last one released was the OmniBook XE3, in 2001.


At the current moment in history, the first OmniBook of this new generation will be the “X” model – with a Snapdragon X Elite X1E-78-100 CPU from Qualcomm, MPDDR5X-8448 memory with 16GB or 32GB and up to 2TB of storage. Its display will be a 14-inch IPS with a resolution of 2240 x 1400.

It was also revealed by HP that some brands will not be abandoned and replaced by OmniBook and others, as is the case with “Omen” gaming notebooks and desktops.

Keeping an eye on artificial intelligence

Finally, HP also revealed the new logo that will accompany its products that will have NPU and will be ready to use artificial intelligence. Check out the image below:


An HP representative stated that these OmniDesk and OmniBook will be accompanied by a chatbot based on GPT-4o

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