A HiSense brought great news to the Brazilian market: the prices of its long-awaited line of Smart TVs were finally announced. Previously, there was a mystery surrounding the prices at which new TVs would be sold, thus creating great expectations among consumers. It is worth remembering that these are the brand’s first TVs to arrive on Brazilian soil.

But the wait has come to an end, and it is now public knowledge that prices vary, ranging from R$ 1.499 until R$ 4.999. In the next paragraphs I detail HiSense’s launches for Brazil in more depth.

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HiSense TV models

Last Monday, May 28th, a big event took place in São Paulo. There, HiSense leaders showed their plans and objectives. They want to gain space in a market where LG e Samsung they are very strong. When we think about high-end Smart TVs, we hardly think about other brands.

At the launch event, the public saw incredible TVs, some measuring up to 100 inches! But for now, only TVs from 40 to 65 inches will be on sale. HiSense has many TV options, from QLED a Mini-LED. Sizes range from 50 to 110 inches. This shows that they care about what their customers want. They presented seven new models:

  • Hisense Q6: model that stands out for its QLED technology, available in options ranging from 50 to 80 inches, and comes equipped with artificial intelligence and Google TV;
  • Hisense U6: with a ULED mini-LED screen, this model is recognized for its various functions and optimizations provided by artificial intelligence;
  • Hisense U7: specially designed for gamers, this Smart TV ranges from 55 to 65 inches and has features such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and WiFi 6;
  • Hisense U76N: with its impressive 100-inch QLED screen, it is accompanied by HDR10in addition to advanced Dolby Vision and Atmos;
  • Hisense U8: Also aimed at gamers, this 75-inch Mini-LED ULED TV includes VRR, Dolby Vision, and Atmos;
  • Hisense UX Mini-LED: supreme model with 110 inches, offers 10,000 nits of brightness and built-in speakers for total immersion;
  • Hisense Canvas TV: a strong competitor to Samsung’s The Frame, this model has a thin and elegant design, and can also be used as a work of art when not in use.

The televisions have image quality that ranges from Full HD to 4K, using DLED or QLED panels, which are responsible for significantly improving the colors and contrast of the images.

Prices in Brazil

Hisense announces 7 new TVs in Brazil: see models and prices

For those who don’t want or don’t care about all the advanced functions of more expensive models, Hisense offers an easy-to-use interface called Vidaa. The top models have the Google TV system, with many applications and services.

HiSense also wants to link its products to major sporting events, such as the European Championship. As they want to become better known and show their brand to more people, they chose famous goalkeepers Manuel Neuer and Iker Casillas to help with this. For now, they will not use Brazilian celebrities to advertise.

The new HiSense Smart TVs will be made here in Brazil, in Multi factory in Manaus. Multi had already worked with Hisense before, making Toshiba TVs. The two are part of the same group of companies in China.

Finally, we present the official prices for each of the available models:

  • Hisense 40A4N model – R$ 1.499
  • Hisense 43A4N model – R$ 1.699
  • Modelo Hisense 50A6K – R$ 2.299
  • Modelo Hisense 58A6K – R$ 2.699
  • Hisense 65A6K model – R$ 3.299
  • Hisense 70A6K model – R$ 3.999
  • Hisense 50Q6N model – R$ 2.399
  • Hisense 55Q6N model – R$ 2.599
  • Modelo Hisense 65Q6N – R$ 3.699
  • Hisense 75Q6N model – R$ 4.999
  • Hisense 55U6N model – R$ 3.999
  • Hisense 65U6N model – R$ 4.999

It is worth noting that these prices may change depending on retail, seasonal promotions or other market conditions. HiSense ensures that consumers will have access to cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost. So, what did you think of this release?

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/hisense-novas-tvs-brasil.html

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