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To manufacturer Kingston presented the new CAMM2 memory standard at Computex 2024. Adrenaline was in Taiwan in person at the largest electronics fair in Asia to check out this and other market announcements.

As the distinguishing feature of this technology is speed, it is only fair that the company’s entire stand has a motorsport theme, including the presence of a racing car. This was the opportunity to see the manufacturer’s first products in this new standard, as well as some updates to its main lines.

Kingston CAMM2 memories and more

CAMM2 is the latest generation of this technology, which means Compression Attached Memory Module — or built-in memory compression module, in free translation into Portuguese. It is normally more focused on notebooks, but is also slowly starting to appear on other devices.

The models are based on a single module and have a horizontal connection system at the base of the board. Initially, the module has a maximum capacity of 128GB. The most compact format improves the space issuealthough complicate carrying out updatesat least at first.

This pattern is present in several other products at the fair. The ADATA XPG Nia portable console and the MSI Project Zero motherboard are just some of the many products confirmed to support CAMM2 memory modules.

In terms of memory, the manufacturer also brought models for other devices, such as workstations and servers, to Computex. The Kingston stand also brought a new version of SSD Swift HX of the brand in red and a limited edition with RGB of DDR5 FURY Renegade memory.

Additionally, the IronKey family of secure flash drives now has a variant with a screen for you to enter a password.

Do you want to know all the news and surprises at Computex 2024? Stay tuned to us here at Adrenaline and also on our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any details of this coverage.

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