Is Hellblade 2 good on PC? We tested Hellblade 2 in advance, a game that is potentially the main exclusive release for Xbox and one of the biggest of the year, and we are going to tell you about our experience in our tests with different hardware and impressions with the way the game is implemented in its version for computers.

We also tested the game in its implementation for the two consoles that are available – for now. We are also testing how the game arrives on Xbox Series X and Series S, and we will share our impressions in a future video.

In this video we play Hellblade 2 with settings ranging from 4K and Ultra pre-set, with video cards such as the GeForce RTX 4090 and Radeon RX 7900 XTX, through intermediate hardware and we even try to play without any video card.

Disclosure/Xbox Game Studios

We also investigated the different graphic pre-sets, seeing the variation in graphic quality and game performance ranging from its most advanced settings to the most modest graphics available.

The captures and script are by Diego Kerber (@kerberdiego), with Luiz Gabriel (@luiz_bladee) putting together the comparisons, recording the video and editing it. Bruno Pires (@brunpiresd) made a thumbnail.

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