As we reported herethe Chinese DeepCoolknown for its cooling and enclosure products, has joined the new list of companies that would face trade sanctions from the US government.

According to the US Treasury Department, DeepCool was involved in supporting the Russian economy during the war or supplying products on the export control list Common High Priority Items List (CHPL). The government alleges that DeepCool supplied goods worth more than $1 million to Russian companies on the sanctions list.

Products are no longer available on major websites

The consequences of being included on this list have already been noted by American press vehicles. DeepCool products disappeared from the virtual shelves of large e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, Newegg, Microcenter and BestBuy. When accessing the Neweg website, for example, and putting DeepCool in the search, the page automatically indicates other brands, such as Noctua, Enermax and CoolerMaster.

Currently, it is only possible to buy the company’s products from small retailers, but it is a matter of time until they also adapt and no longer make coolers, cases and other products from the brand available.


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