With the announcement of the new X870 and X870E chipsets by AMD, Gigabyte presents its motherboard models that will use the new AM5 socket format – as well as continuing to invest in the current B650 and B650E models, which still have a high value for the public gamer.

The X870E AORUS This way, you can support the hardware without the risk of breaking when using heavier GPUs.


The backplate of the Gigabyte X870E AORUS For cooling, it also comes with a heatsink for SSD M.2 Gen5 in the primary slot.

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The model will also be launched with a reflective surface and an LED panel on its I/O board – which combined with the RGB panels can become a real eye-catcher for gamers looking for different lighting for their setups.


Gigabyte announcements for AMD B650 chipsets

As stated above, Gigabyte states that it will maintain the production of motherboards from the B650 line – instead of completely migrating to the new B850 or B840 lines.

At Computex 2024, it presented its new B650E AORUS PRO X USB4, being the first mainboard in this line to support the new USB functionality. Considering that the feature will be native to motherboards like the Intel Z890, but aimed at high-end PCs, it will also be very welcome on current versions of the hardware.


The Gigabyte B650E AORUS Stealth ICE will come with the implementation of the rear connector design – which takes all connections below the mainboard. This factor, combined with the white backplate color, is also designed to attract maximum users who are looking for a new look for their PC components.


The price of the new motherboards was not officially announced by Gigabyte during the event, but at least the B650E AORUS Stealth ICE should hit the market between $299 and $329. More X870E and X870 models should be launched alongside those announced, but have not been announced so far.


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