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A GamesCarea company in the games and technology sector, announced this Thursday (20) the GF1 Neptune, a video game console with an innovative proposal and entirely developed in Brazil. Using FPGA technology, the console completely developed by GamesCare combines the capabilities of classic “Mega Drive” It’s from “32X” in a single device, offering full compatibility with accessories such as “Sega CD“, controls, cartridges and new peripherals to be announced in the future, according to the company.

GF1 Neptune – new Brazilian console

We have had previous experiences with consoles produced in Brazil, by Brazilians – perhaps the Zeebo has become the most striking among them. And once again we embark on another venture that could bring us a device to call our own – I confess to being very excited to see something like a Mega Drive Resurrected.

According to GamesCare, GF1 Neptune has been carefully designed to bring back the nostalgia of the golden era of one of the most beloved video games of all time. Compatible with “Mega Drive” and “32X” cartridges, the console provides an authentic gameplay, sound and graphics experience, thanks to its hardware reconstruction technology using Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

In addition to reliving the classic gaming experience, the GF1 Neptune offers practicality and compatibility with modern digital equipment, with the following features:

  • HDMI connection with 1080 progressive line resolution and digital audio.
  • SD card slot, facilitating updates and media storage.
  • High-speed wireless internet connection for access to exclusive features and content.
  • Connection port to original “Sega CD” hardware and future peripherals.
  • High quality analog sound and video output for the most demanding gamers.

A platform for independent gamers and developers

The GF1 Neptune was designed to be a choice for nostalgic gamers, offering perfect reproduction of timeless classics and access to its own exclusive services through its system network. Furthermore, the console is a user-friendly platform for creators to express their talents and ideas, especially in the independent game development scene.

The idea is that the console supports more than Mega Drive games and its already existing indie scene, with countless games released by the community, many available for free. With easy support for developers, creation of SDKs and easy acquisition of devkits. With the GF1 Neptune, independent developers will have the opportunity to release their games on a classic console, capturing the attention of retro gaming enthusiasts.

In fact, to celebrate the launch of GF1 Neptune, the national studio “Versão Ltda” is developing an unprecedented game that will be revealed during a special presentation at gamescom latam. Furthermore, the console will allow the purchase of digital games through an online store, offering exclusive titles already in development.

Availability and release

There is still no defined release date, more news about GF1 Neptune will be revealed soon, during a special dedicated presentation detailing its functionalities and project characteristics during gamescom latam on June 30th, Sunday, starting at 12:50 pm straight from the stage Quest.

And I can only say that I’m looking forward to the news regarding the GF1 Neptune. Having a console with a proposal that combines retro games and a platform for new independent releases is an ideal scenario, especially with the addition of peripherals that can expand the GF1 Neptune’s experience possibilities.

FONTE: GamesCare

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