According to ClearSalea data intelligence company with a portfolio for fraud prevention, the country registered around 800 thousand fraud attempts in 1Q24, a reduction of 23.3% compared to the same period last year.

In terms of values, coup attempts in the quarter represent R$766.3 million. The study analyzed 63.7 million requests, between January 1st and March 31st, and shows that the average ticket value of attempts was R$948.64, an increase of 0.3% compared to 2023.

For the survey, ClearSale only considered payments via credit card in the e-commerce sector. All transactions that were classified as suspicious or confirmed are considered fraud attempts. Below, check out exclusive data from the study:

Games appear in first position

The product categories with the highest percentage of fraud attempts were games (10.7%), with an average ticket of R$806, electronics, including TV and monitor (4.8%), with R$2,597, and refrigerator and freezer (4.1%), with R$3,550; shortly after, cell phones (3.7%), representing R$2,756, and beauty products (2.2%), representing R$412.

Day, Month and Time of Fraud

The highest concentration of fraud attempts occurred in January, with 284.6 thousand occurrences and an average ticket of R$954.82. In March, 270.2 thousand attempts were recorded, with an average ticket of R$957.70.

February had 252.9 thousand attempts, with an average ticket of R$932.01. In the quarter, Wednesdays recorded the highest number of orders and fraud attempts, with the highest percentage of these attempts occurring between midnight and 5am.


The Northeast region was in the lead with the highest rate of scams (1.4%) and an average ticket for attempted fraud of R$1,021.82.

Then, the Central-West, Southeast and North regions tied (1.3%), with average tickets of R$1,023.52, R$934.60 and R$924.89, respectively. The South region recorded the lowest rate (0.8%) and an average ticket of R$984.91.

Gender x Age

The study shows that the male public had the highest percentage of fraud attempts, at 1.7%, while the female public represented 1.0%. In relation to age group, people up to 25 years old were those who suffered the most attempts (1.9%), followed by the group of people over 51 years old (1.6%) and people between 26 and 35 years old (1 ,two%).

“Although the number of fraud attempts has decreased compared to the previous year, the average ticket has increased. This not only indicates that scammers are focusing on products that have high added value, and that are easy to resell on illegal markets, but it raises a warning for companies that need to remain vigilant and adopt more robust security measures”, comments Eduardo Mônaco, CEO of ClearSale.


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