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Former CEO of Dutch company ASML, Peter Wen, gave an interview to BNR and stated that the “Chip War” – fought between the US and China – in addition to having no factual basis, will last for decades because it is supported only by ideology.

The executive points out that neither nation has a “goal,” with the hostilities of both being translated into sanctions that require other manufacturers to completely restructure to meet them.

The dispute between China and the United States is not based on facts or data or any information, but on ideology. The outside world has different opinions about the China-US Chip Wars, but we are a business and we need to take care of our investors. Of profit. If ideology alone can impede business, I cannot agree.

Peter Wen


At the start of the “Chip Wars”, the United States banned ASML from selling its EUV lithography machines to China – the second largest buyer of its equipment. The restriction forced the corporation to adopt a new market strategy, changing its roadmap and causing a major impact on its production.

The former CEO also points out the difficulties of achieving a balance between the US and China, considering that both countries are important customers for its business. The firm also faced challenges in relation to investors, who expected that relations would remain established with both countries.

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Delicate position for ASML

Unlike TSMC and Intel, ASML cannot position itself in favor of a particular nation – considering that it also does business with allies of both. In other words, its main action is to try to reconcile its activities to reconcile both markets – suffering the least possible impact in this process.

At this point, the US continues to seek to expand sanctions imposed on China – whether by trying to convince South Korea to restrict the shipment of technologies to the country or even by preventing investors located in the United States from injecting money into the Chinese AI and semiconductor technology market.


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