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The first Thunderbolt 5 cables, a technology developed by Intel, have hit the market. They represent a significant advance in performance and data transmission capacity. Cable Matters announced the shipment of the first three certified Thunderbolt 5 cable models, available for purchase on Amazon.

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The cables are available in three different lengths: 0.3 meters, 0.5 meters and 1 meter, priced at US$ 23, US$ 27 and US$ 33, respectively. However, they require Thunderbolt 5-compatible equipment to be effectively used, such as computers and accessories that support this new technology.

So far, the only known laptop that has a Thunderbolt 5 port is the Razer Blade 18. However, only the Mercury edition, which costs $4,500, does. This model also includes an Intel i9 processor and an RTX 4090 mobile graphics card. However, the limited devices available limit access to the technology.

Photo: Reproduction/The Verge

The cables offer up to 120 Gbps unidirectional bandwidth and can deliver up to 240 watts of power. This capability allows you to connect high-performance devices such as external SSDs, eGPUs (external graphics processing units), and high-resolution, high-refresh-rate displays, all via a single cable.

However, the lack of commercially available peripherals that support the new Thunderbolt 5 standard is still a barrier to wider adoption of the technology. Major accessory makers like Belkin, J5Create, OWC, and Sabrent do not yet list Thunderbolt 5-compatible products on their websites, and Hyper lists its $400 dock as out of stock.

The cables will be produced by Lintes, a company that had already supplied a prototype cable seen at CES. The expectation is that the launch of devices capable of receiving the technology will facilitate the dissemination of the cable in the market.

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