Apple recently began the notarization process to accept the Epic Games store within the App Store, and now this story has gained another controversial chapter.

Although the Apple Store has now confirmed that it has accepted Epic’s app, it is making some demands for changes to the app’s design that have not been well received. Find out more details!

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Approval is temporary and requires design change from Epic

The Epic Games Store has taken an important step towards entering the iPhone market in the European Union. After going through the notarization process with Apple, which was a crucial step in allowing it to sell its app outside of the App Store, it has finally been accepted.

According to AppleInsider, Apple has confirmed the approval, but with one condition. The company has requested that Epic “fix the buttons” before the company’s next app review. Therefore, it is understood that this approval is only “temporary”, and there is a risk that it will be canceled if Epic does not do what Apple asked.

The situation was confirmed with a post from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney expressing his displeasure. He described Apple’s request, stating that the company is “demanding we change the buttons in the next version” and promised that Epic will “fight this.”

Long dispute between companies

Earlier this month, Epic submitted the Epic Games Store, along with its Fortnite game, to Apple’s iOS notarization process. This process is required by Apple for apps available outside of the App Store in the European Union.

However, the submission was initially rejected by Apple, which claimed that the Play Store’s “in-app purchases” label and “Install” button were too similar to Apple’s “design and placement” for its own features. This dispute over button design is just another chapter in the saga between the two companies.

It’s worth noting that the battle between Apple and Epic Games has been marked by a series of conflicts and legal disputes. The temporary approval of the Epic Games Store on iOS is a significant victory for Epic, but the requirement for changes to the design of the buttons shows that the company will continue to face challenges in trying to break Apple’s monopoly on app distribution on iOS.

Despite the difficulties, Epic Games remains determined to offer its app store directly to iOS users in the European Union. The temporary approval is a positive step, but the company will need to resolve its outstanding issues with Apple to ensure a permanent presence in the iPhone market. In the meantime, fans and developers eagerly await the next chapters in this saga.

Fonte: The Verge


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