In August 2006, in a promotional campaign for Need for Speed Most Wanteda Electronic Arts displayed at a convention in Leipzig, Germany, a customized PS2, developed by Spiritplayer, a company specialized in customization.

Unlike any other PS2 edition, the modification did not feature a custom paint job, or just a few details that refer to the game. It was a complete adaptation.

The console was transported to a miniature of the car that appears on the cover of NFS Most Wanted, a custom version of the BMW M3 GTR. And with a great detail: the DVD player is hidden under the hood of the miniature. Sensational.

During the event, EA also put on some simulators to enjoy Most Wanted.

Unlike other custom console options, this model was not sold, and only one unit was produced, which adds even more uniqueness to this beautiful edition.

Unfortunately, there is little information available about the development process of this model, which also came with two controls that followed the color scheme of the car’s bodywork, two keys in the style used by BMW cars that were used to turn on the console, as well as a remote control for handling multimedia files.

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On their official websiteSpiritplayer has some images of this flawless PS2 version. Check it out below!


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