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Intel is holding a series of meetings to showcase the LGA-1851 socket on the 800 motherboard platform – preparing distributors and manufacturers for the arrival of its new models, such as the Z890. At these closed events, a diagram provides new details about the changes that exist compared to the previous generation.

The image confirms that the PCI-Express configuration allows Arrow Lake-S CPUs to use 16 Gen5 lanes for graphics and an additional 4 for storage. Additionally, there is a Gen4x4 interface directly connected to the processor – allowing users to connect an SSD directly to the CPU, but using a slower standard.

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The main point of this structure shown by Intel for its diagram is that users will no longer have to “sacrifice” their Gen5 lanes for the GPU and storage.

Additionally, Intel Arrow Lake-S processors will also have an integrated Thunderbolt 4 controller and support for up to four displays via Arc Xe-LPG. Intel 800 motherboards will support DisplayPort 2.1 and HDMI 2.1; in addition, the diagram confirms that the chipset will have 20G, 10G, and 5G USB connections – although it does not specify how many.

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Intel support for DDR5 memory

One of the main changes made by the manufacturer is the lack of support for DDR4 memories in the LGA-1851 socket. Although the Z690 and Z790 are compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 formats, the new models will only support the current standard.

This is a hotly debated issue, as DDR5 memory is not as popular as its predecessors. However, its price has been falling since 2023 onwards – ensuring that it will make this leap as demand for the latest model increases.

Although Intel has not released any dates, its Arrow Lake-S processors are expected to hit the market in the last quarter of 2024 – as are its motherboards. The manufacturer has already warned that its new Intel Core Ultra 200 “K” chips will require the use of the “800” models, so the launch of both should not be far away.

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