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MSI stated that its “Claw” portable devices will receive different versions in the future and, among the changes they want to apply to future models is an upgrade to their processor – bringing the Intel Core Ultra 200V to the device.

As recently reported, they announced the MSI Claw 8 AI+ model during Computex 2024, containing the next mobile CPUs and being the first to announce a new gaming device with next-gen hardware. However, the manufacturer now reinforces that we will not only see the configuration in new laptops.

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MSI Claw

To PCWorld, the director of product management – ​​Clifford Chun – was very categorical and revealed that we will also have changes to the current model of the MSI Claw in the near future.

The original uses Meteor Lake, but we will also release a version with Lunar Lake

Clifford Chun

The only aspect that the executive did not make clear is whether we will see it hitting the market simultaneously with the MSI Claw 8 AI+ or whether we will see it at some later point. The features of the new device – such as Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and longer-lasting battery – were also not revealed for the new version of the current model.

Considering that the Lunar Lake line of CPUs (Intel Core Ultra 200V) will be launched in September, the new MSI Claw should also be available for sale close to the month.

The “8 AI+”, in addition to bringing a longer-lasting battery, new connections and taking advantage of the power of the new portable processor, will also have an increase in the screen – which will now be eight inches, in addition to unannounced features related to artificial intelligence.

Intel Lunar Lake

MSI appears to be taking a different path with its Claw devices than what we’ve seen with the Ayaneo laptops. The company is offering to exchange mainboards, ensuring that users can upgrade their components and install new APUs – as is the case with the new Intel Core Ultra 200V.

In the case of the MSI Claw, it will sell different models without the option for the user to only upgrade the processors that hit the market.

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