Google is bringing interesting improvements to Chrome on mobile devices, both for Android and iOS. These new features aim to improve user experience, bringing faster access to crucial information, trending searches and live sports scores through Discovery Feed.

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Improvements for Chrome on smartphones

According to the company, searching for something on smartphones and tablets should be smoother and easier than on computers. With this in mind, they announced 5 improvements to the browser, which will apply to both Android and iOS. Check out these updates below:

Chrome Actions: facilities for local businesses

One of the most notable updates is the inclusion of Chrome Actions for local businesses. These actions are predefined tasks that appear in the browser’s address bar when triggered by specific keywords.

For example, when searching for a nearby restaurant, a shortcut will appear at the top of the bar showing the name and address of the establishment, along with buttons to call, get directions, or read reviews. This feature is already available on Chrome for Android and will be coming to iOS in the fall.

Shortcut suggestions based on Chrome usage

Shortcut suggestions based on Chrome usage

Another important addition to Chrome for mobile is the new usage-based shortcut suggestions. The browser now learns your browsing habits and includes links to frequently visited sites in search suggestions.

For example, if you typically type “times” to access the City Metro page, the link to that page will appear more prominently in recommendations. This customization aims to make browsing faster and more efficient.

Discovery Feed with live sports scores

Discovery Feed with live sports scores

Mobile Chrome’s Discovery Feed, which displays contextual cards when opening a new tab or the Google app, will now include live sports scores.

When a team you follow is playing, a card in Discover will show the live score, which will update automatically. This update makes it easier for sports fans to follow their favorite teams without having to leave their browser.

Updated design on tablets

Discovery Feed with live sports scores

The browser address bar on tablets has been updated to better align with Google’s Material You design language. The bar on tablets now includes the current website at the top, always visible, making it easier to navigate and stay on the desired website.

The arrival of trending searches for iOS

The arrival of trending searches for iOS

This functionality was already present for Android, offering a list of topics that are trending on the company’s search engine and even offering an idea of ​​what is currently trending.

Now, the news is that it will also be available on iOS. These trending topics appear just below the most recent searches when the user clicks on the address bar through the New Tab page (before typing anything).

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