In recent times, we have seen impressive progress in the development of weapons and military technology. And a clear example of this evolution is the China’s Armywhich recently showed parts of a military exercise held in Cambodia, involving the active participation of two thousand soldiers.

However, the first images of this training highlight the introduction of new and sophisticated weapons. This armament includes two different models of highly technological robot dogs. In the next paragraphs I give more details about these little dogs that look like they came out of a certain episode of Black Mirror.

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The robot dogs that will be chasing humans in the next great war

One of these robot dogs can carry and operate nothing less than an automatic rifle. That’s right, a firearm attached to a quadrupedal automaton. Furthermore, the war repertoire presented also includes the latest generation of drones, intelligent flying machines with various strategic and combat purposes.

Diving deeper into the details of the first mentioned robot dog, we observe that it weighs approximately 50 kg. This robot is capable of aiming and firing a semi-automatic rifle precisely at a predetermined target. This automaton was designed to walk, jump over obstacles and even move backwards, highlighting the versatility and vast mobility possibilities of these machines.

There is also a second type of robot dog, this one considerably lighter, weighing around 15 kg. Despite its smaller stature, this robot is not far behind in importance, as it is equipped with cameras capable of capturing vivid images of its surroundings in 4D. The ability to monitor is very important. She helps provide information and warnings about dangers to the command team. This way, soldiers stay away from fights that are about to happen.

The shocking images of these robot dogs were released by China Central Television (CCTV). See below a small excerpt from the training, which shows the robot dogs in action, as well as the drones:

More details about military robots

The videos are part of an extensive and rigorous military preparation project known as GoldenDragon 2024. This project is a strategic collaboration between Chinese and Cambodian forces and is scheduled to end next Thursday, the 30th.

When discussing the robot dog specifically designed to collect and transmit information from the battlefield, the soldier Yang Shengzhi revealed a little more about its features. He commented that “it can send photos and videos in real time to our officers and military strategists“. One of the notable qualities of this robot is its autonomy, capable of remaining operational for two to four hours when its battery is fully charged.

China-Cambodia Military Maneuvers: Robodog Display Turns Heads -  TheDailyGuardian

On the other hand, the second robot dog prototype is described by soldier Chen Wei as a possible “new recruit in urban combat missions, replacing our corporals and soldiers with advantages [humanos] in the difficult task of recognizing and identifying hostile elements, in addition to aiming at them with precision“.

At the end of the video we are introduced to the brand new drones developed by the Chinese army. A particularly eye-catching one is the drone armed with a powerful automatic rifle, designed with the ability to shoot down a large number of opponents simultaneously. There are also different types of drones designed for specific logistical purposes, such as transporting cargo and detailed reconnaissance of areas.

Soon, my friends, the war will be fought only by autonomous robots. That when they are endowed with artificial intelligence, they will wonder why they are fighting each other. And they will come to the obvious conclusion that those who should be hunted are humans. That will be the end.

Source: CCTV


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