Apple held its event this week with several new features, and obviously some somewhat minor details ended up being left out of the WWDC 24 presentations, especially given the arrival of new AI features that took up practically a third of the event.

However, it is still worth highlighting these small news, as for many people they can also become very interesting. Check out this small compilation with some details that arrived for the iPhone and other Apple devices and that not everyone knows yet.

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New features of the Apple ecosystem that are still unknown to many

From new animations on the edges of iPhones to more efficient ways to manage widgets, there’s a lot to discover in the first round of betas for iOS 18, macOS Sequoia and other systems.

Here are some of the most exciting updates so far:

iPhone edges come to life

One of the iOS 18 additions that has not yet been discovered by many users is the new animation for the edges of iPhones. When you press the side buttons in the iOS 18 beta, a clever animation makes it look like you’re pressing the edge on the screen.

This new feature does not have an immediate practical purpose other than to add a touch of fun to using the device. However, it could end up becoming a practical visual indicator if Apple releases iPhones with solid-state side buttons that simulate a vibrating click, similar to the fluid Dynamic Island animations on recent iPhone models.

Spanglish Typing

improvements to the Apple ecosystem

For bilinguals, iOS 18 brings a very interesting new feature: the ability to type in two languages ​​simultaneously without having to switch between them. In the iOS 18 beta, it is possible to configure the keyboard to allow typing in English and Spanish at the same time, avoiding unwanted automatic corrections when using words from both languages ​​in the same message.

To enable this functionality, simply add the new keyboard in the iOS keyboard language settings by going to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, then choosing the Keyboards option and finally the Add New Keyboard option.

New way to use the flashlight

The flashlight functionality also received an interesting update in iOS 18. Inspired by the Action Button switch on the iPhone 15 Pro, the new flashlight animation allows you to adjust the brightness by swiping vertically and modify the beam shape by swiping horizontally.

This function, however, is only available on iPhones 15 Pro due to the special flash that these models have.

Easier Widget Customization

Apple is making it easier to customize widgets in iOS 18. Instead of having to select “Edit Widget” and go through several steps to resize them, you can now do so directly from the contextual menu by long-pressing the widget. This update makes the process more intuitive and faster.

Vision Pro and virtual keyboard

physical keyboard on Apple's Vision Pro

For Vision Pro users, there’s a big improvement: the headset now shows your keyboard when you’re fully immersed in a virtual environment. Before, if you wanted to work in a virtual setting, you had to use partial immersion or blindly fumble your keyboard.

While it’s still not perfect—the feature works best with the Magic Keyboard and may have trouble recognizing mechanical keyboards—it’s a very welcome addition.

New wallpapers and upload options

macOS Sequoia introduces new nostalgic “Macintosh” wallpapers, complete with pleasing animation.

Additionally, Apple is improving the voicemail transcription experience by allowing users to see transcriptions directly in notifications, saving time and clicks.

[iOS 18 DB1] Voicemail notifications now include the transcription. I thought this was a text for a second!
byu/LDR-7 iniOSBeta

Another interesting new feature is the granular adjustment of charging limits on iPhone 15 devices. Instead of simply limiting charging to 80%, there is now a slider that allows you to choose between 80% and 100%, with 5% intervals.

[iOS 18 DB1] More options for charging limit
byu/jd14021999 iniOSBeta

Although Apple introduced a lot of new features at WWDC 2024, there are many other interesting updates in the current betas that were not mentioned at the event. For those interested in trying out these new features before the public launch, you need to sign up for Apple’s developer program and follow the instructions to download the betas.

But it is important to note that interested parties need to back up their device before installing a beta, as these can be unstable and cause problems. Exploring betas on secondary devices is a good practice to avoid major issues on your primary devices.

Fonte: The Verge


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