Chatbots are becoming increasingly common in artificial intelligence solutions, which is why the time is coming when they need to innovate or bring something different to stand out. And that’s more or less what Google would be trying.

According to The Information, the company would be working on a new generation of chatbots based on YouTube celebrities and influencers. Although it is indeed a way to highlight new technology, it is not exactly new or pioneering. Find out more details.

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Google’s AI strategy is not unprecedented

Google’s new chatbots will be powered by the company’s family of large Gemini language models. This family of models is designed to understand and generate natural language in an advanced way, which will allow chatbots to interact in a more realistic and engaging way with users.

According to the report, Google is trying to create partnerships with influencers and celebrities, while also developing a feature that will allow users to create their own chatbots describing their personalities and appearances.

This functionality is not very new, as it has been possible to do this for some time in other services, with being the most popular among them.

A curious fact is that Noam Shazeer, one of the co-founders of, is a former Google engineer and one of the creators of “transformers”, the fundamental technology that made generative AI possible. This shows a connection between the technological advances that have enabled the creation of sophisticated chatbots and the evolution of AI platforms.

New chatbots are still considered an experiment

It is not yet known exactly which celebrities or influencers Google may choose for partnerships, but it is not ahead in this regard. It turns out that Meta, for example, has already launched chatbots based on personalities like TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, YouTube phenomenon Mr. Beast, Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady and Paris Hilton.

chatbots da meta further expands these possibilities by including characters such as politicians, philosophers, fictional characters and even inanimate objects, such as a block of cheese that talks. The Google team, led by veteran Ryan Germick, known for his work on Google Doodles, is in charge of this project.

But it’s important to highlight that there are signs that Google’s chatbots may just be an experiment. According to The Information, these bots may initially only appear on Google Labs, the company’s website for experimental products, rather than being rolled out widely.

This suggests that Google is taking more cautious steps, choosing to test the receptivity and functionality of chatbots before a wider rollout.

But will it please you?

An important question is why Google is investing in this area, considering that Meta’s celebrity-based AI chatbots have not been highly successful.

For example, Meta’s chatbot based on Snoop Dogg has just 15,000 followers on Instagram, compared to the real rapper’s 87.5 million followers. This raises questions about the appeal and usefulness of these chatbots to the general public.

Source: engadget


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