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Developer Chaos has announced the release of its V-Ray 6 Benchmark, helping users evaluate V-Ray rendering speed and compare the capabilities of CPUs and GPUs.

One of the new features that was added in the new version of the standalone application is the looping test – allowing a given test to continue running for as long as you deem necessary. The intention is to ensure that you have more accurate results about the capabilities of any hardware submitted to the app.

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Another addition seen in the Chaos V-Ray 6 Benchmark is the direct comparison of GPU rendering modes. With it, you can test RTX or CUDA on the video card and/or a CPU with the same standards – generating comparative results related to the graphics engine and total performance of your system.

The benchmark has also expanded its performance, allowing tests for both V-Ray and V-Ray GPUs with up to eight video cards or multiple CPUs – with a limit of up to 256 cores.

Additionally, Chaos V-Ray 6 Benchmark will now support Apple chips – ensuring user testing with Apple M2 and M3 processors, ensuring Mac users also have the ability to more easily compare performance.

Apple M3 Max

The arrival of the Chaos V-Ray 6 Benchmark

Chaos Vice President of Product Management Philip Miller says the modifications were made to further enhance the usability of the testing platform for users and their needs.

Most rendering benchmarks are aimed at just one type of hardware – either the CPU or GPU. In contrast, V-Ray 6 Benchmark effectively boosts both processors and graphics cards, giving users more accurate testing of their complete system with the most commonly used renderers in visual effects production and design visualization.

Philip Miller


Chaos released the first version of V-Ray Benchmark in 2017, becoming one of the standard software for testing new hardware, be it NVIDIA, AMD, Intel or several others – helping not only reviewers but also users when analyzing rendering performance in notebooks, workstations, GPUs and many others.

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