The Celular Seguro app, developed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), was launched as another attempt to provide a little more security for those who have a cell phone, mainly in terms of the ease of blocking these devices and thus reducing losses.

Available for Android and iOS, the application allows you to block smartphones and associated accounts in cases of theft, theft or loss of the device. And the news is that, soon, Celular Seguro will gain a new and important feature: notifying new users if a device is stolen or stolen.

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The Celular Seguro app was launched in December 2023 and, since then, has grown significantly. It currently has more than 2.20 million registered users and 1.61 million registered devices. More than 48.3 thousand blocking alerts have already been triggered by users, which shows that it is becoming an important and relevant tool in combating theft and theft of smartphones.

Now it receives another feature that could be interesting mainly for locating and making it difficult to resell these stolen or stolen cell phones. Celular Seguro will be able to send alerts and messages via WhatsApp to anyone who buys or uses these devices.

This happens because, when using the application, the user registers the IMEI in it, the unique code that identifies each device. This registration is crucial, as it allows the police to cross-reference data and identify which smartphones were stolen or stolen and are active or not.

This also highlights the importance of registering a police report in case of theft or theft of the device. Although the application has an option to record an incident, this function does not replace the obligation to report the fact to the police authorities.

After registering the IMEI, the information is forwarded by officials to Celular Seguro, which then alerts new qualified users about the device’s status. Notifications about stolen or stolen devices are sent via WhatsApp, which guarantees an additional layer of security and helps to avoid purchasing devices of dubious origin.

The resource does not yet have a specific release date.

Last week, the MJSP announced the creation of a new Steering Committee, responsible for evaluations, improvements and application security. This committee will be responsible for ensuring that Celular Seguro remains effective and secure, in addition to constantly evaluating the tool’s performance and implementing improvements as necessary.

The executive secretary of the MJSP and president of the new Committee, Manoel Carlos de Almeida Neto, spoke a little about this subject and about the new Management Committee.

“Like any technological solution, Celular Seguro will be constantly updated, based on demands from users and partners. To speed up this process, we created the Steering Committee to ensure that all changes bring maximum efficiency and can further expand user protection.”

Despite the good acceptance of the new functionality, there is still no exact forecast for the full availability of this function.

The new version of Celular Seguro is now available to all users. Those who access the service via computer now have immediate access to the news. For Android and iOS users, it is necessary to update the application to ensure the availability of new features.

Remembering: how does Celular Seguro work?

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The main objective of Celular Seguro is to be able to quickly and easily block your device in case of theft. By doing this, with just one alert, the victim can request the chip to be blocked from the operator, financial institutions and even other companies to be blocked.

The first step is to register your device via both the website and the app. Access is via your account, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one. The first step is to register your cell phone, and to do this you will need to provide information such as brand, model, line number, operator, serial number, IMEI and trusted person.

Although these last 3 are optional, they are very important. The serial number and IMEI are necessary so that when registering the incident, your smartphone can be blocked and even located more precisely. A trusted person is essential in cases of robbery or theft.

You can register one or more trusted people. They are important because, if you are robbed, they will have permission to register the incident and request that your device be blocked. To do this, simply register the contact with information such as name, CPF, telephone number and email.

Remembering that the Celular Seguro website can be accessed by clicking here, while the applications are available in the virtual stores for your operating system.


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