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ASUS is releasing updates that correct several vulnerabilities found in its routers – allowing hackers to remotely access devices without even going through an authentication process or requiring any type of interaction with the end consumer.

The vulnerability cataloged as CVE-2024-3080 is the most problematic, allowing hackers to access your router without authentication. According to the Taiwan Computer Emergency Responder Team/Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC), it has a seriousness level of 9.8 out of 10. According to the manufacturer, the following models are affected:


Each ASUS router model is marked with a direct link to its support page – allowing you to download the update and stay away from cyber threats.

These same models are also subject to the CVE-2024-3079 vulnerability, which allows hackers to gain administrative access to affected devices to execute commands remotely.

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Vulnerabilities in ASUS routers

TWCERT/CC also warns users who have ASUS routers about a third vulnerability found, which goes by the code CVE-2024-3912. Like the first, it allows cybercriminals to execute commands without requiring authentication and has a risk rating of 9.8 out of 10.

Check out the full list of routers affected by it, with the link to your update included:


ASUS support

It is important to note that the CVE-2024-3912 vulnerability also affects ASUS routers that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. These models are:

  • DSL-N10_C1;
  • DSL-N10_D1;
  • DSL-N10P_C1;
  • DSL-N12E_C1;
  • DSL-N16P;
  • DSL-N16U;
  • DSL-AC52;
  • DSL-AC55

As they do not receive new updates, TWCERT/CC recommends that users of these devices replace the models with more recent versions – thus avoiding future problems with the security of their information.

ASUS also recommends that users ensure that their routers have the latest available firmware version downloaded, checking their device regularly to avoid becoming outdated. They also highlight that it is important that your password for the wireless network is different from the router administration page.

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