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Arm has announced a new set of Armv9 CPU cores, with the addition of the Cortex-X925 and Cortex-A725 to its catalog.

The Cortex-X925 is a leap forward from the Cortex-X4 cores, with the biggest leap in performance ever seen between two generations. According to the company, there is a 36% improvement in single core performance and an improvement in artificial intelligence workloads of 46% compared to its predecessor.


Arm also states that the Cortex-X925 will have 35% more efficient consumption, in addition to supporting a 3 MB L2 cache and points out that the core will support chips produced using a 3 nm process. Its objective, as described above, is to improve users’ experience with their hardware when using AIs, but it also focuses on smartphones and PCs.

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The Cortex-A725 core is an updated version of its Cortex-A720 version. The performance jump between the two technologies is 35%, in addition to bringing 25% improved consumption efficiency. L3 cache traffic also increased by 20%. The intention is to boost its use in artificial intelligence and gaming.

Like the Cortex-X925, the Cortex-A725 will also support 3 nm chip production – according to Arm.


More Arm updates for its CPU cores

Arm didn’t stop there and also announced changes to other CPU cores in its catalog. The Cortex-A520 has been updated and its new version brings a 15% improvement in energy consumption, as well as support for chips produced using the 3 nm process. Unlike the others, this one did not have a change in its numbering.


The DynamIQ Shared Unit has also been updated to the DS-120 version, with workload power consumption reduced by up to 50% and cache consumption reduced by 60%. The DSU-120 now allows up to 14 Arm cores to be equipped.


This addition suggests that it is possible that we will see new and interesting SoC implementations in the coming years from Arm’s partners, even if the reference platform is a 2-4-2 configuration for the new cores.

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