A Apple Intelligencepresented with great anticipation during the last WWDC 2024brought promises of a true evolution in the already sophisticated operating systems of Apple. With promises to implement features based on artificial intelligence state-of-the-art, the novelty caused a buzz in the technology community and among consumers eager for innovations.

However, a Bloomberg article brought to light rumors that not all functions would be offered broadly to the brand’s users. According to the news agency, there is a possibility that some of the features most deeply integrated into Apple’s system will be exclusive to a subscription-based business model.

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This could mean that, while some features are available at no additional cost, other more advanced capabilities of the system could be tied to additional payments. It is important to note, however, that this information was not officially confirmed by Apple during the event, leaving open the question of whether this will, in fact, be the chosen monetization strategy.

This assumption is reinforced by Appleā€™s growing interest in the services sector, which is expanding profitably year after year. It is therefore speculated that Apple Intelligence could represent another step taken by the company towards strengthening its services portfolio. An example of this trend is the planned SOS satellite emergency service for iPhones, scheduled to be launched in 2025.

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Meanwhile, the Samsung appears to be following a similar path. The tech giant has announced that the features incorporated into Galaxy AI will be available free of charge to users only until the end of 2025.

We can only wait for official confirmations and future developments on these matters. News on the subject could perhaps come to light during the launch of the iPhone 16 series, which usually takes place between September and October.

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