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Known as a manufacturer of cases, among other accessories, Antec is the newest player in this growing handheld market. The Antec Core HS has a very similar design to the AYANEO Slide and the same hardware present in the ASUS ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion.

The similar appearance to an AYANEO model has an explanation: the manufacturer is Antec’s OEM supplier. In other words, AYANEO manufactures, and ANTEC comes with the adhesive, something nothing new in this (and other) industry. Both the Slide and the Core HS use the same device.

This also reflects on the hardware used. The Antec Core HS is equipped with a Ryzen 7840U (Zen 4) – which is basically the Ryzen Z1, but without the necessary optimizations for a portable PC – with 8 cores and 16 threads and a boost of 5.1 GHz.

Antec Core HS
Photo: LTM Taiwan

In graphics capacity, the Antec laptop is equipped with Radeon 780M integrated graphics, which has 12 computing units at 2.7 GHz. This iGPU is the best SKU within the Ryzen 7040/8040 lineup with maximum implementation of cores and frequency.

The Antec Core HS has a 6-inch FullHD (1920×1080) screen that sits on top of the physical QWERTY keyboard, but can be slid up and offers a 30-degree rotation angle.

Would the Antec Core HS have other AYANEO Slide specs?

No other details of the device were revealed, but considering that it uses the same construction as the AYANEO Slide, it could be that Antec’s handheld also has a robust cooling system.


Thus, it would have a single high-pressure fan that blows over three 8 mm copper tubes that are connected to two copper plates, accelerating the heat removal process.

In a temperature-controlled environment at 25°C, the AYANEO Slide can stay between 62.9 and 65.8 degrees, depending on the game, with the Ryzen 7 7840U operating at its strongest at 28w. So, there is a chance that this is the behavior of the Antec Core HS.

The laptop also supports up to 64 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 4 TB of storage with M.2 NVMe SSD.

The Antec Core HS will arrive in the European and North American markets between June and July with prices between US$600 and US$900, depending on the amount of RAM and storage.

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