A National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) presented to the public a tool with the aim of helping consumers in the task of choosing between the most varied offers of plans and combos from telecommunications companies.

The portal Anatel Search Offers was developed to centralize and simplify the search for different pay TV, fixed broadband, cell phone and landline service offers. By compiling such offerings from multiple companies into a single virtual location, it becomes simpler for interested parties to find the best possible balance between costs and benefits. In the next paragraphs I provide more details about the new feature.

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How Anatel Search Offers works

Interested parties can quickly access the Anatel Busca Ofertas website through a conventional browser, whether on a computer or even on a smartphone. The regulatory agency emphasizes that this functionality makes it easier to maintain operators’ proposals, enabling an extremely agile and efficient process of updating and rectifying data.

Through this system, different types of plans are displayed, ranging from mobile telephony to broadband services, including fixed packages and combo options that encompass more than one type of service.

It is possible to carry out careful comparisons between different configurable packages, starting by choosing at least two different services for the comparative analysis. This tool not only lists the possibilities available, but also details and compares the various telecommunications offers available in each Brazilian city.

Users have at their disposal various filters, including the name of the offer, responsible operator, price range, specific technical characteristics and required loyalty conditions, before directing the consumer directly to the provider company’s website to contract the desired service.

Anatel Busca Ofertas does not have all operators and plans

Anatel launches free online tool to compare operator offers - Canaltech

I tested the Anatel Busca Ofertas portal for a few minutes. And it seems that the platform is not yet fully ready, as several errors and inaccuracies have appeared. This shows that perhaps it was released too quickly.

The main problem I noticed is that not all plans and operators are there. For example, when looking for cell phone packages, you won’t find those from TIM or virtual operators. Only options from Claro and Vivo appear.

I also noticed the absence of broadband plans offered by small or local providers, which represents an important gap in the service. It would be interesting if there was total engagement by operators in the Anatel Busca Ofertas project, as well as the ability to query service coverage filtered by specific zip code. Take, as an example, the metropolitan region of São Paulo (SP), where there are records of more than 700 companies operating in the sector, each with its own coverage capacity.

According to information from Anatel itself, service providers are responsible for submitting updated information about their respective telecommunications plans. These must be sent mainly through appropriately structured files.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that Anatel has ventured into similar efforts in this field. In 2020, for example, the Anatel Comparador application was launched, which had the same objective as the portal that was launched now. Despite still appearing on application download platforms, the application simply no longer works. They could at least remove the app from the Play Store and App Store.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-06/anatel-busca-ofertas.html

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