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AMD “Strix Halo” processors can have a stuffed variant, with support for up to 128GB of RAM.

The information was found in a shipping manifest for PCBs used by Maple REVB, which contains information about the circuit boards that are being tested and have already been associated with APUs a few months ago – with “REVA” being the name of the PCBA with the processors that contain 32GB and 64GB of RAM.

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The document, issued at the end of May, also demonstrates that the new AMD “Strix Halo” APUs continue to maintain a TDP of 120W – with the new variant following the same template as the other leaks.

It’s important to note that Maple’s 64GB test cards already sounded like a big leap for the manufacturer, but 128GB with a 120W TDP would be quite an advance for gaming platforms. It is possible that they are carrying out tests taking the processor to the extreme – to see its performance under the highest power load and amount of RAM.

However, hopes that AMD can bring its high-end variant of the “Strix Halo” with these specifications remain alive.

AMD Strix Point

AMD Strix Halo processors on the market

The AMD “Strix Halo” APU will be an improved version of what we are seeing in the Ryzen AI 300 line – which hits the market in July. Although the manufacturer has never officially announced it, several shipments and tests have already been carried out, showing that it has been in development for some time and should not take long to be launched.

The processor uses FP11 multi-chip packaging, with “die-to-die” interconnection with Infinity Fabric. There will be two CPU dies together with a GPU die – using the Zen5 architecture with 16 cores that can reach up to 5.8 GHz and with a 64MB L3 cache. The GPU uses 40 RDNA 3.5 cores at 16x PCIe 4.0 speed. Your NPU will be 70 TOPS.

AMD Ryzen Strix Point

It is also stated that the AMD “Strix Halo” APUs will support 256-bit LPDDR5x-8000 memory – which would represent another big leap compared to the traditional bandwidth in this generation which is 128-bit.

The future line of processors is associated with content creation, artificial intelligence workloads, 3D rendering and other demanding applications. With the combination of CPU/mobile with GPU, it is speculated that we will see it in future video games and also in portable devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

However, it is important to note that AMD has not confirmed the existence of the Strix Halo APUs so far – their name, specifications and all other information may undergo changes until their official announcement.

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