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Although AMD has not released an exact launch date for its Ryzen AI 300 CPUs, only indicating that they would arrive “next month”, the first products that will have the processors equipped have started their pre-sales and reveal that they will arrive on July 15, 2024.

The product in question is the 16-inch ASUS “Zenbook S 16” notebook, which will feature the Ryzen AI 9 365 processor. Other models remain without a scheduled date, but they should not be too far from what was presented by the manufacturer in its pre-sale at BestBuy.


While the AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPUs begin to reach the public from July 15th, the desktop version of the chips produced in Zen5 architecture – the Ryzen 9000 – still has no scheduled date. The North American B&H store listed its availability for July 31, 2024, but it is the only one so far to have this information.

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Furthermore, the data presented by B&H may only be “figurative”. As the manufacturer revealed that its new desktop processors will arrive in July, this would mean that until the last day of the month – the 31st – it would be available for purchase. At least until they announce another date.

The only certainty that exists is that the AMD Ryzen AI 300 and Ryzen 9000 CPUs will arrive before the new generation Intel processors – scheduled to arrive at the end of this year, through the Intel Core Ultra 200V and Intel Core Ultra 200 lines.

As CPUs AMD Ryzen AI 300 na Computex 2024

Officially presented during Computex 2024, AMD Ryzen AI 300 processors are part of the “Strix Point” line and will arrive in various devices such as notebooks and mini-PCs. We will possibly have portable video games using CPUs, but so far nothing has been confirmed on the subject.

The hardware will be the first available with Zen5 architecture, featuring RDNA 3.5 graphics through the Radeon 890M (16 computing units) and Radeon 880M (12 computing units) models. So far, only two products in the line have been presented: the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 (top of the line) and the Ryzen AI 9 365.

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