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In global terms, Intel dominates the processor market, but this predominance is not necessarily reflected in all territories. South Korea is one of them, where the domain of AMD Ryzen CPUs have been happening for over a year now. Among South Korean PC gamers, the preference is for the Ryzen 5.

Data from the South Korean research company, Danawa Resesearch, shows that until March this year, AMD with its Ryzen processors dominated the preference in 55.1%, against Intel’s 44.9%. But this difference was greater a year ago: 58.7% and 41.3%, respectively.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core South Korea
Imagem: Danawa Research

In relation to the segment, the intermediary predominates. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600, with 11.8%, is the most popular processor in South Korea, followed by the Ryzen 5 7600 (9.3%) and Ryzen 5 7500F (7.7%). The top 7 most popular CPUs there also include the Ryzen 5 5600G (5.6%) and Intel Core i5-14400F (3.7%) among the intermediaries, in addition to the Ryzen 7 7800X3D and Core i7-14700K in the segment above. . The 52.2% of the share is aimed at other CPUs.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core South Korea

The graph below shows the price variation of the Ryzen 5 5600/5600X, Ryzen 5 7500F and Ryzen 5 7600 processors. With the exception of the SKU ending in F, all others are considerably cheaper now than at the beginning of 2022.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core South Korea

Global dominance belongs to Intel

A survey by the company Puget Systems with global data for the period from January 2021 to November 2023, shows how the dispute in the processor market has changed in that time.

Until mid-late 2021 and early 2022, AMD had the advantage with more than 70% of the share and Intel had the remaining less than 30%. Things changed abruptly from February/March 2022, when positions began to reverse proportionally.

Global CPU Market

By November 2023, Intel closed with more than 80% dominance, leaving AMD with less than 30% share. This change happened just as the 12th generation (Alder Lake) of Intel Core CPUs were released, and continued to gain momentum with the Raptor Lake series (13th generation) and the momentum stalled with the 14th generation.

Both companies offer solutions that can still compete on equal terms. Generally, AMD processors are cheaper than their Intel counterparts in the global market, but that doesn’t stop the blue side from dominating.

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