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Some leaks about the Ryzen 9000 have been emerging in recent days. To complement this, we now have the performance of the Ryzen 5 9600X e Ryzen 7 9700X on Geekbench. The most popular series SKU manages to deliver superior single-core performance to Intel Core i9-14900K and is practically tied with its strongest brother.

The Ryzen 5 9600X continues with the same configuration as the other SKUs in this series, 6 cores and 12 threads, but based on Zen 5, and therefore, its multi-core performance is inferior to the top-of-the-line Intel Raptor Lake Refresh, which has 4 times more cores.

AMD Ryzen 5 9600X benchmark vazado
Image: Geekbench

Looking at Geekbench’s single-core benchmark, AMD’s CPU scored 3,284 points, compared to the Core i9-14900K’s 3,089, a difference of about 6% between the two tiered processors. The Ryzen 7 9700X, on the other hand, delivered 28 points more than the 9600X, so a technical tie.

Ryzen 9000 vs Ryzen 7000

Comparing the Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 9000 generations, there was a single-core evolution of 20.9% and 13.7% between the Ryzen 5 9600X and 7600X, and Ryzen 7 9700X and 7700X, respectively. Considering all cores, the difference drops to 13.8% and 7.6%. Smaller evolution due to the same number of cores, but still interesting.

These Geekbench benchmarks also show the frequencies of these two processors. The Ryzen 5 9600X operates between 3.90 GHz and 5.47 GHz, while the Ryzen 7 9700X has a lower base clock (3.80 GHz) and a boost that goes up to 5.57 GHz. Compared to their predecessors, both had an increase of just over 100 MHz in boost.

AMD Ryzen 7 9700X benchmark vazado
Image: Geekbench

It is worth noting that this improvement occurs with the new AMD Granite Ridge processors operating with a TDP of just 65W, even though they are from the X series, compared to the 105W of the Ryzen 5 7600X and Ryzen 7 7700X.

The Ryzen 9 9900X is another of the AMD Granite Ridge CPUs that have been leaked recently, and it follows the same evolution as the other two SKUs, being the best processor in single-core performance at the moment, if we consider the leak. Even with considerably fewer cores than the Core i9-14900K, AMD’s SKU manages to lag behind by just 5% in multi-core performance.

Of the four Ryzen 9000s that have had leaked benchmarks, only the Ryzen 9 9950X is still under wraps. With what we have from the other three, it’s easy to say that all of them outperform Intel’s 14th-gen CPUs in single-core.

The launch of AMD Ryzen 9000 (Ryzen 5 9600X, Ryzen 7 9700X, Ryzen 9 9900X and Ryzen 9 9950X) is expected to happen later this month.

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