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AMD is already preparing to give up on Windows 10, halting development of drivers for Microsoft’s aging operating system when it launches its new Zen 5 architecture in the coming months.

It is said that the manufacturer wants to make all its efforts so that the architecture supports artificial intelligence – something that is not possible in older software. With Windows 11 and the future “AI PC” bringing this highlight, the movement is not surprising and should also be followed by others.

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AMD Strix Point

Another indicator that AMD will change the direction of its support is the new nomenclature it will give to desktop processors. ASUS revealed that one of the CPUs that will be launched will be called “Ryzen AI 9 HX170” – replicating the changes that Intel also made to express its new phase.

It is important to mention that the manufacturer itself has not officially revealed the end of support for Windows 10 – whether through hardware or drivers. The company is expected to talk about the subject during its presentation at Computex 2024, with AMD CEO – Dr. Lisa Su – opening the event.

Without support for artificial intelligence, Windows 10 heads towards the industry’s total abandonment of the new technologies being produced. With AMD, NVIDIA, Intel and several others focusing on this aspect, it is unlikely we will see any significant changes that are not based on W11 and the future “Windows 12“.

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One detail of this is that, even if AMD maintained support for Windows 10 with drivers and new features, it wouldn’t make any difference to the end of the platform’s life cycle. Microsoft itself has already determined that security updates will end on October 14, 2025.

The biggest problem is the user base, which remains gigantic. Windows 11’s predecessor maintains 70% of the operating system’s audience – something that Microsoft is studying how to properly migrate in the near future. However, it will be difficult, as 240 million PCs currently used do not have the mandatory requirements for W11.

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