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AMD came close to buying Nvidia back in the 2000s, according to a former red-side engineer. With the RTX maker now far more valuable than AMD and Intel combined, Hemant Mohapatra thought it was an interesting time to break the story.

Apparently, while AMD was trying to enter the GPU market, in the years around 2010, the company considered acquiring Nvidia. At the time, CPUs ruled the tech segment and AMD was only concerned with competing with Intel. Nvidia was not even considered a company on the same level as the other giants.

As Mohapatra explains in his thread (started in the post above), it was Jensen Huang’s vision of the future that ended up blocking the acquisition. The founder and CEO of Nvidia would only accept the deal if the position of head of the merged companies went to him. Basically, Huang would take the position of Hector Ruiz, who headed AMD at the time.

The owner of Ryzen didn’t like the idea and the deal didn’t go through. So, AMD later ended up buying the Canadian company ATI to enter the graphics card segment – ​​a decision that wasn’t well received by the company’s engineers. In this sense, the former employee also reveals that he even had an inside joke:

“We didn’t want a GPU company so much that the inside joke was AMD+ATI=DAMIT.” The anagram DAMIT sounds like “damn it.”

Nvidia + AMD = a very different world

It’s no exaggeration for Mohapatra to say that “the world would have been very different if that had happened.” While he reveals the engineers’ distaste for buying a GPU company, he also admits that they were wrong. Not only that, the former employee adds that the Nvidia acquisition should have gone ahead:

“Clearly, someone at AMD saw the future. We only saw it partially. We should have bought Nvidia – and we tried.”

Today, Nvidia’s valuation relative to AMD speaks for itself. Mohapatra acknowledges Jensen Huang’s efforts and sees Nvidia’s trajectory as an example. “Believe in your vision,” he says in one of his tweets. “A relentless and relentless pursuit of your goals is a highly underrated skill.”

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