One day after Disney+ confirms an adjustment to its monthly fee, another major streaming platform reported a price increase. As of today (23), Netflix subscriptions are more expensive in Brazil, readjustment for its three plans: standard with ads, standard and premium.

New Netflix monthly fee values

  • Standard plan with ads: R$ 20,90 (previously it was R$ 18.90);
  • Standard plan: R$ 44,90 (previously it was R$ 39.90);
  • Plano premium: R$ 59,90 (previously it was R$ 55.90).

This adjustment was already expected, as in January the company raised prices in the United States, where the subscription to the basic plan with ads went from US$ 9.90 to US$ 11.99 and the premium plan jumped from US$ 19, 99 to $22.99.

“We offer a variety of prices and plans that fit different needs. To offer more and more entertainment options to our subscribers, we occasionally update our prices. As of today, our prices in Brazil start at R$20.90,” Netflix said in a statement.

The new values ​​are already appearing on the Netflix website in the plan selection.

The adjustment is part of the platform’s strategy to increase its revenues by up to 15% by the end of the year, more than double what was recorded in 2023 (7% increase).


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