Recently, Google revealed some improvements to its products and one of these improvements includes summaries generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in search results in order to generate more direct and faster answers to questions, the AI ​​Overviews.

But in an interesting twist, the company announced that these summaries will now include ads. In an update last Tuesday, Google said it will soon begin testing search and shopping ads within AI Overviews for users in the United States.

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Ads in AI Overviews and their relevance

Google shared an example of how this will work. In the AI-generated answer to the question “how to get wrinkles out of clothes?”, below the suggestions offered by the AI, there is a new section titled “Sponsored”. This section features a carousel of products such as anti-wrinkle sprays, which can be purchased at stores like Walmart and Instacart.

According to Google, ads will appear in AI Overviews when they are relevant to both the user’s query and the information provided by the AI.

This means that ads will not be random, but rather selected to complement the content of the AI-generated overview. Advertisers already running certain campaigns through Google will automatically become eligible to appear in these AI Overviews.

Feedback and impact on user experience

Google plans to continue testing and learning from these new ad formats, collecting feedback from advertisers and the industry. This ongoing testing process will allow the company to adjust and improve the integration of ads into AI Overviews, ensuring they are useful and not distracting to users.

While the introduction of ads can be seen as a way to monetize the new AI summaries functionality, there are concerns about how it will affect the user experience. The main advantage of using AI to obtain a quick and efficient summary of information can be compromised by the presence of advertisements, which can overwhelm and distract the user.

Obviously this initiative by Google to introduce ads in AI Overviews is a strategic move to increase revenue opportunities by leveraging new AI technology.

However, it will be crucial to see how this change will be received by users and whether the company will be able to strike a balance between monetization and maintaining a clean and efficient user experience. As Google progresses with these tests, more details and adjustments are expected based on ongoing feedback from advertisers and consumers.

Fonte: The Verge


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