A Practical Guide

A Practical Guide

Written by Mark G. Sobell, this acclaimed rock of a book will provide valuable information for the newbie and the sys admin alike. A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux includes a full version of Ubuntu 10.04, released in 2010, a version that individuals and companies will rely on for years to come. Canonical will support this version of Ubuntu for desktops until 2013 and servers until 2015.

The Table of Contents includes:
Part 1: Installing Ubuntu Linux
Part 2: Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux -- for those of you who are relatively new to Linux
Part 3: Digging Into Ubuntu Linux -- Making maximum use of Ubuntu on your computers
Part 4: System Administration -- For those of you who are in charge of more than just your computers at home
Part 5: Using Clients and Setting Up Servers -- All the tricks and quick solutions you need to make your job easier
Part 6: Programming Tools -- When you really want to do custom work
Appendixes and Extras that provide go-to resources when you need them.

In an easy-to-access writing style, Sobell walks you step by step through the processes you need to make your computing easier.

With 1,320 pages of accessible information, this book should always be kept nearby. Whether you buy it for yourself, for your colleagues at work or for someone you know, this book is worth its weight.

Price: $ 49

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Anon
    I have used this at work more than I thought I would. Thanks for making it easy to order along with my new server.
  • Author: Justine
    I know I can access a lot of this info online but I just love having a good, thick book nearby. For some reason I just like it better. This one in particular is well worth the price. Mine is getting well-worn. I didn't read it through, just use it for searching for specific things I need help with.

    Maybe other people can get by with our reference books, but I need one. This is one of the best ones I've used so far. It's well-written and easy to understand.
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