The ZaReason Team


Tony: As our Chief Technical Officer, ZaReason is extremely lucky to have Tony's energy at the helm. Tony has managed all builders and burst builders (technicians who work during busy seasons) for many years at ZaReason. Tony has managed both tech support and building processes with diligence and efficiency. Over the years Tony has helped many people have a trouble-free experience with new built-for-Linux computers. 

"At ZaReason my desire to make a difference in the lives of others meshes with my passion for technology. It's rewarding."


Iqbal: With deep experience in accounting, Iqbal began helped ZaReason grow back in 2011. Since then, Iqbal has handled finances, supply chain, and inventory control. Iqbal is one of the calm forces that holds it all together. 

"I have always had an interest in electronics from a young age, but I ultimately chose to go into Accounting. Because of my interest in electronics and gadgets, working at ZaReason is great fun for me, especially since I work with such a talented group of individuals. Within my first few weeks here, I already felt as if I was a part of the ZaReason family. I am working as the CFO, Chief Financial Officer, and my time here thus far has been wonderful."

Danny - Danny is best described as a perfectionist and technology fan. Through his passion for customizing cars, phones, computers and everything he gets a chance to dissect and make better, Danny believes it's the little details that help define the overall user-experience. 

"I have an obsession with computers and gadgets and love sharing new ideas and toys. It's important to me that each of our systems look a certain way before going out... from the meticulous way we build them to the whole unboxing experience."


Jeremy - Jeremy has been obsessed with computers and gaming since the age of 6. He treats each system he builds like a work of art, paying extra attention to cleanliness, air-flow and craftsmanship. When a new distro or hardware comes out, he jumps for joy inside and out and the energy flows through the office and systems he builds.

"I get to build kick-ass computers that help people in all facets of life, including that occasional but important frag. To me, having a computer that looks good inside and out is a philosophy I've adapted from a very young age."




Terry: One of the first unofficial reviews of Terry's work was, "Wow, he's good. Terry can do anything." Not only is Terry skilled with electronics, he is able to figure out difficult problems like a Zen master. Terry most often works on our RMAs and quality control.  


Vy: With her MBA, Vy works on the company's social media and community building efforts. Her main goal is to get the word out about ZaReason, helping people see they can buy a Linux computer and have it work like any other computer (except better) straight out of the box.

"Why I work at ZaReasonZaReason is a "hidden gem" in Silicon Valley. I want to contribute use my passion, creativity and knowledge in marketing to make ZaReason a household name to the Linux community."




Cathy: Cathy has been starting companies ever since she was a little girl organizing her stuffed animals into Project Teams. In 2006 with Maile Urbancic, Cathy set up a non-profit Partimus.org to support OLPC. While Partimus (which means "We Share" in Latin) had a place getting refurbished Ubuntu computers to school districts, Cathy craved working with high-end hardware, original design, latest release components. So, along with her brilliant husband, she founded ZaReason. If successful computer companies can be started out of garages and dorms, they can surely be started out of living rooms. And dining rooms. ZaReason quickly overtook the house and operations were quickly moved to a retail / warehouse location on a tree-lined street in Berkeley. Cathy's aim is to see hundreds, thousands, of light, limber ZaReason shops all over the globe.

"There are few things I love more than seeing sparky interactions between people. I love -- with a passion -- seeing the people at ZaReason working so successfully together. I also love seeing their individual successes when they devote themselves deeply to a difficult task (and there are many, many difficult tasks). For me, the sign of a great team is whether or not there is laughter in the office. ZaReason has the laughter, plus the frequent 'happy dance' that occurs when one of us finds the answer to a tough problem."

Earl: Earl spent a lifetime as a games programmer and a cell phone coder. After proving his extreme skills in programming, Earl "retired" and now does non-work non-full-time at approximately 60 hours a week. He says, "It's far too fun to call it work." Earl is the brains behind ZaReason R&D. He is bulldog-tenacious making the hardware work seamlessly. Earl enjoys attending conferences to hear people's feedback then implementing improvements. Earl is deeply grateful for the support given by the community.

Why Earl Works Here: "My best days are spent designing hardware, searching for what works. I'm a perfectionist. Since we were able to self-fund, we don't have any investors / Board of Directors to please. After a lifetime in the corporate world with all sizes of companies, building ZaReason is refreshing. Being able to design the best systems and work with the community is easily the most fun thing I have ever done."


Kory: Kory has the highly valuable combination of extreme intelligence, innate skill, and strong work ethic. Kory has traveled extensively and has staffed the ZaReason booth at several conferences. Kory is the type of person who never does bare minimum. He solves problems then takes the next step to make sure the same problem won't happen again. Kory has been in software and hardware development ever since he was old enough to prop up on his dad's lap (infancy). Kory is actually the one responsible for ZaReason in the first place.

"It's fun working on Za stuff. Most of the people my age are wasting their time. But, yesterday I got to do a delivery with my dad (Earl) to the Stanford AI Lab. While I was there, I saw that Willow, the coolest robot-building company ever, had several robots on display using systems I had built. I am hoping to go to Neumont or UC Berkeley for college. Now that I got accepted to Neumont, I just need to wait for a response from UC Berkeley, then I'll have a hard choice ahead of me." [Kory is currently in his Senior year taking classes at a virtual school, called CAVA, to spend more time working and less time sitting in a classroom doing nothing.]

Note that our R&D and building process are structured so that we are Made in the USA! There is no extra cost to building in the US if you do it right. We are located right near UC Berkeley and are able to employ many people who are over-qualified (very over-qualified). It's a win-win-win.

Who Started ZaReason in the First Place?

Two brothers with a tight bond of brotherhood and a love-of-all-things-computer-related.

As little kids, they "needed" nine desktops at home so they could "play with friends". As little kids with non-Linux computers, they were constantly surrounded by blue screens and parents tired of fixing the computers.

One day the cute little blond brother took a big magnet to each of the nine computer monitors and found that the magnet made "rainbows" on the screen. At least it was better than the blue screen.

When they hit 12 and 13 years old, they took computing into their own hands. The cute one with red hair switched over one of the home computers to Ubuntu. The rest of his family's home computers fell like dominos into a new way of living -- a cleaner, virus-free, headache-free way of living.

The parents, Earl and Cathy Malmrose, were so appreciative that they decided to devote the next phase of their lives to helping others achieve a better computing experience also. Once you have done serious tech support, you understand how important it is to have good hardware and good software in the first place.


Jobs: Interested in working at ZaReason? If you would like to put your resume in our file to be considered for upcoming openings, please send your resume to hr@zareason.com  We have openings from time to time, but always post them in a newsletter or on Twitter. Sign up here or #zareason if you want to see the jobs the minute they open up. Our office is fun and upbeat. With a focus on free and open source how could it be anything but amazing?


Visit: ZaReason is based in Berkeley, California. Why? Because Berkeley is the only city specifically identified with the development of Linux, Berkeley Software Distribution, BSD. This office is our headquarters, our main testing site.


While our office is not set up for retail, we do encourage people to pick up their computers in person if they can. Use shipping code SAYHI to eliminate shipping cost if you will be picking up in person.