Zikko External Charger

Zikko External Charger

Next time you need battery life for your laptop, get a ZaReason Zikko charger. Make it so you're never without power.


  • Input: Our laptop chargers (standard laptop chargers because we are as non-proprietary as possible), besides the Chimera.
  • Output: USB for almost all non-Apple brands of laptops; our laptops (excluding the Teo Pro Netbook) use the yellow-tipped adapter.
  • Capacity: 8800mAh
  • Length of battery life: It depends on the computer you are using and the type of work you are doing. The Verix eats up battery life because it is a powerhorse. A Strata can power off the charger for more than a day or two of work -- ask our CEO who travels with a Zikko everywhere she goes. It is the most important thing she carries besides her laptop itself.

Caught without power? Never again!

Price: $ 99
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Cory
    Get one of these. Now. That's my review.

    I got a Zikko two months ago and it has totally saved my backside several times. Once, I nearly ran out of battery when only 20-30 min from being complete with a presentation. One of this little puppies can disaster-proof your life.

    Get one. Really. Now. Seriously.
  • Author: G.K.
    Great little power pack. Easy to fit in any bag, small, light enough to carry all the time. Great value.
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