Verix 530

Verix 530

The ultimate professional laptop, an all-time favorite Verix laptop, has just undergone an upgrade. The new, faster Verix sports a full HD 1080p 15.6" screen, Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GT 650M dedicated graphics with 2GB video memory. The Hyper-threaded CPU provides up to 8 threads of processing power to rival desktop processing power.


  • 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor
  • Bright, crisp 15.6" LED backlit display @ 1920x1080 pixels
  • Nvidia GT 650M dedicated graphics with 2GB video memory
  • Output up to three simultaneous displays - LCD/HDMI/VGA
  • High-Definition Stereo Speakers and Microphone
  • 802.11 B/G/N WiFi included
  • Bluetooth included
  • Combo CD-RW and dual-layer DVD-RW drive included
  • 1.3 megapixel webcam
  • Dedicated number pad


  • HDMI and VGA monitor ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Headphone and mic jacks
  • Kensington lock port 
  • 4 USB ports: 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0


  • Your choice of a variety of Open Source operating systems
  • Dimensions: 14.7" (w) x 9.6" (d) x 1.4" (h)
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Battery life: provides up to 3:30 hours
Linux Version
Video Card
2.5" Drive
Optical Drive
Main Battery
Spare Battery
AC Adapters
Card Reader
Super Key
Price: $ 999
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: James Nelson
    When I ordered my laptop, I was on a tight schedule; I needed a powerhouse laptop with full HD resolution within two weeks, and when I lamented to zareason support about the previous Verix being out of stock, they sent me the link to the Verix 530 before it was even publicly available on the site.

    I placed my order Monday night, had it in my hands Friday morning, and got my workspace set up with a week to spare before a big business trip. This machine is extremely powerful, and with 16G ram, I can mount my whole workspace in RAM and run a compile that used to take 4 minutes in ~35 seconds.

    The Verix 530 is absolutely amazing!
    I highly recommend it to all serious linux-based professionals.
  • Author: Aaron Thomas
    I haven't bought the latest Verix yet, but only because my Verix 1 is still kicking @$$! Zareason makes tough, powerful laptops that end up costing you less than anyone else's, many times less than a few vendors I know. Their methods of finding good hardware really pays off.
  • Author: Maddison Karlsdottir
    I bought this laptop looking for a machine to dual-boot windows and linux for play and productivity. I am most pleased!

    This machine plays all my games wonderfully, and though the hardware sound may be poor, the included SRS Premium Sound thingy makes it sound wonderful! Unfortunately, it makes the speakers in Linux sound quite poor. That is easily rectified by simply plugging in headphones or speakers however. Be sure to let the zareason folks know what version of windows you are planning to use so they can send you the correct drivers!

    Linux is a dream on this machine, everything save the fingerprint reader works right out of the box and works well.

    I did have some issues with wireless connectivity, but zareason worked with me on it and we replaced the wireless card and it's working great!

    I'd recommend this machine for anyone, it's great!
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