Linux in a Nutshell

Linux in a Nutshell

Linux in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference is 944 pages of everything you need to know about Linux. Written by Stephen Figgins, Ellen Siever, Robert Love and Arnold Robbins -- people with years of active participation in the Linux community -- this massive hunk of text thoroughly covers programming tools, system and network administration tools, the shell, editors, and LILO and GRUB boot loaders.

This updated 6th edition offers a tighter focus on Linux system essentials, as well as more coverage of new capabilities such as virtualization, wireless network management and revision control with git. It also highlights the most important options for using the vast number of Linux commands. This reference contains many helpful new tips and techniques, whether you are new to this operating system or have been using it for years.

  • Get the Linux commands for system administration and network management
  • Use hundreds of the most important shell commands available on Linux
  • Understand the Bash shell command-line interpreter
  • Search and process text with regular expressions
  • Manage your servers via virtualization with Xen and VMware
  • Use the Emacs text editor and development environment, as well as the vi, ex, and vim text-manipulation tools
  • Process text files with the sed editor and the gawk programming language
  • Manage source code with Subversion and git

For anyone with a serious interest in understanding Linux, this book is a must-have.

Price: $ 49

Customer Reviews

  • Author: KN
    At first I thought this book was overpriced, but I checked and I actually save 99cents getting it from ZaReason. It's 49.99 retail. I'd rather buy from a company like ZaReason than any of the other companies, so I bough from them.

    It's smaller than I realized, deceptively small. It wasn't until I started using it that i realized it packed more punch than I first thought. The trick is to stick it in your pocket so you can have it handy when you need it. I found that I learned a lot by reading bits of it during spare moments (waiting for a meeting to start, waiting on a customer, eating lunch)

    It's well-written and dense with information.
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