More than a decade ago, in 2006, we built ZaReason's first desktop as part of a volunteer project. In 2007, ZaReason opened for business and our first build went to a Chemistry PhD at UC Berkeley. Everything grew from there. 


Building for R&D labs, businesses both small and large, universities and people's homes, ZaReason has a long career building hardware for different distros. We have had a few growing pains along the way including a recent move from California to Michigan. The move was mostly to build a solid base that was more central to cover both east and west coasts. Time will tell if it was the right move. We miss our Bay Area friends stopping by in person. 


We have a new-ish team with a few core original members and we're in an office building that we own outright in a quaint little town in Lapeer, Michigan. We did an affordable remodel of the interior so we have our build space and now we're working on the exterior remodel and front-end. By moving the company, we have been able to cut costs drastically so we can better provide what customers need. Working through some of the issues with hardware can be time intensive but the end reward of hearing from customers who are happy with their hardware is worth it every time. 


ZaReason's new About page will be up soon so you can see our team and our shop, but for now we want to give you a little teaser -- the new office building we bought has both a back side (for the e-commerce builds) and a front side, street facing for foot traffic. The little city of Lapeer wants to encourage teens and adults to have a place to go for fun so we're setting up a small game store the likes of the board game shops and card game (D&D, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon) shops across the world. Our goals are not corporate and they are not necessarily big. Our goal is to make people happy. Period. If you're not happy, let us know and we'll do our best to make things right. 


--the team at ZaReason