Strata 7440

Strata 7440

For years, the Linux community has been enjoying the Strata notebook as the advanced, durable all-arounder. The new Strata 7440 takes it to an entirely new level with its sleek and quality build. Optimized to run your favorite Linux distro. The Strata 7440 now proves in every way that GNU/Linux computers can be the superior option by far.


  • 4th Generation Intel Core Processor
  • Bright, anti-glare 15.6" LED backlit display @ 1366x768 pixels
  • Intel HD graphics
  • Multi-monitor support (up to 3 displays LCD/HDMI/VGA)
  • High-Definition Stereo Speakers and Microphone
  • WiFi included
  • Bluetooth included
  • Combo CD-RW and dual-layer DVD-RW drive included
  • 720p High-Definition webcam
  • Dedicated number pad
  • Multi-gesture Touchpad


  • HDMI and VGA monitor ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Headphone and mic jacks
  • Kensington lock port 
  • 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0


  • Your choice of a variety of Open Source operating systems
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 9.7 x 15.2 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 5.95 lbs
  • Battery life: provides up to 4 hours

Checkout Andrew Weiner from's review here!

Linux Version
Video Card
2.5" Drive
Optical Drive
Main Battery
Spare Battery
AC Adapters
Card Reader
Super Key
Keyboard Cover
Kensington Lock
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Customer Reviews

    This is my 2nd week using Strata and I love it! Overall, best experience ever even dealing with ZaReason as a company, whatever was promised - done.
    I opted for a beefed up build of the laptop running Ubuntu 13.10, I am a developer so I loaded it pretty much with everything and the systems holds up to the demand very, very well. An equivalently equipped Windows machine barely dragged its feet. So there is always something to improve, one item could be - the laptop is quite noisy under load, you can hear the fan, but not as much as it used to be on my HP. The touch pad and its nearby buttons are providing too much resistance (to my tiny fingers), but I do not use it now anymore after I bought a supplementary keyboard, but it may be an issue on the road. The glossy top finish of the lid makes smudge appear and hard to clean conventionally. But it is a small item enough to me to pass by.
    Bottom line: I highly recommend this unit for any purpose, it is quite lite and elegant to draw attention of even Mac fans for a fraction of the price!
  • Author: Frank Bell
    I've had my Strata for several months now and I am very happy with it.

    The quality of materials and construction are excellent and the speed and responsiveness of the processor are more than adequate for anything I've thrown at it so far.

    Unlike the previous reviewer, I really like the keyboard. It has a firm, solid feel to it (perhaps this is because I learned typing on a typewriter) and I find that having a full keyboard with a discreet numpad quite a convenience. Also unlike the previous reviewer, I have noticed no untoward noisiness.

    All-in-all, it's the best computer I have ever purchased and great value for the price.

    I will unhesitatingly recommend Zareason to my fellow Linux users.
  • Author: J-P Peltier
    I've been using my Strata rather heavily these last three weeks. I could not be happier. A few observations: 1) the matte screen makes me wonder why not all computers, 2) I am running openSUSE 13.2 KDE and EVERY feature works – this includes screen sleep when I close the laptop, 3) I LOVE the option to shut down the mouse pad while I type, 4) great keyboard feel and 5) overall build quality.

    This is my third computer from ZaReason and the product only seems to improve. I have an UltraLap and a Limbo. Little things line not having a windows key matter. Having hardware that works with no need to tweak matters. I'm always surprised how many people ask me about the computer when typing in a coffee shop or in an airport lounge.

    I also like the very responsive customer care at ZaReason. They never fail to answer a question and are always patient with what are at times, undoubtedly, basic questions.

    Only to say, if you are looking for a solid, well built workhorse (it is not the smallest or lightest), then I could not recommend a better laptop. I must confess that I also have come to the point where I love supporting the GNU/Linux community and simply cannot get myself to buy a more mainstream brand.

    The best news, I can buy from ZaReason and not compromise on quality or overall satisfaction. I have bought from other boutique Linux shops in the past, but after my third purchase at ZaReason, I see no reason to go elsewhere.
  • Author: Andrew Hunt
    REAL LIFE LOOK AND FEEL 7/10 - meets most expectations, exceeds none.

    Clunky, plastic feels very cheap.

    Changes in texture of plastic do not make up for lack of different colors design-wise (it's all black). But I don't hate it.

    No clear emergent property or unity in design. Kind of Ad hoc.

    Love the angled charge port.

    USAGE SCORE: 9.98/10 - Meets all expectations and exceeds in most other factors

    Only gripes with using it:

    4/6 of buttons along top beneath screen don't do anything. What am I, grandma? I NEED to pull up my videos directory RIGHT NOW, thank god for that button, otherwise i would have to wait 10 seconds to look at this porn. Thank god for this button dangerously close to the power button that opens only one single directory on the computer! Anybody know if i can at least reassign them to do something useful?

    External mouse clickers = pain in the butt.

    SINGLE external clicker for left AND right click = purposeful and malicious design. literally "why, jesus?". Finding these clickers I felt discombobulated, humiliated and betrayed. I'm being facetious but external clickers really are sucky and usually the first thing to break other than charge port. At least put TWO clickers so I don't constantly mess up what pressure I'm supposed to click at. Near the center I don't click hard enough and adjust, then at the end of the clicker, I push too hard and can feel the clicker's lifespan decreasing.

    Can be LOUD. Like turning on a bathroom fan sometimes.

    CONCLUSION - total score, 9.98/10, not an average

    I'm in love with it already, despite it's flaws.
  • Author: Jaan Sass
    Been using my strata for about 8 months. I have changed the operating system a couple of times since. Next time I am going to request Mint XFCE or manjaro XFCE. Cinnamon like KDE always feels unfinished to me and buggy.
    the Laptop is excellent easy to use. the touch pad is intuitive. I like the fact it has usb ports on both sides of the laptop. This makes my life easier. the blue tooth and wireless work without much effort.
    I love the design black simple and the Linux sticker inside was a good touch.
    I sue my laptop for School, Military websites, Steam (turnbase strategy old school games) social websites and much more.
    Thank you again ZaReason for your hard work which has made my computer life easier.
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