Squishy Tux

Squishy Tux

Get a squishy penguins for squeezing, tossing, and general fun. Choose your favorite color or get several colors to show the variety we have in LinuxLand.

In our testing, these Tuxes won't survive a stab, but they can survive plane flights (even go through TSA security!), extensive tossing, and general goofing off by young and old alike. Easy to give as a gift since they come tagged like a regular present you would buy at the store (that's the round thing on the yellow Tux's head).


  • 5 1/2" tall
  • 6 different colors (pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, black)
  • Fun-shaped
  • Not for children under 3

They are stretchy, relatively sturdy, and at a price where you can get three, four, five for you and your friends and co-workers. 5" high and nearly as wide, Tux has always represented persistent freedom. Go Tux!

Price: $ 5

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Larry
    The white on the penguins belly flakes off after a bit of use. Looks like it won't last very long. Sorry ZaReason for not giving a stellar review, but the squishy tux is the first and only product I've gotten from you guys that I can't recommend.

    It's only $5 and if you don't mind that it doesn't last long, it's fine.
  • Author: Conrad Nelson
    I didn't order this, but it claims to have six colors, but I can only select black?
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