An easy, successful way to boost awareness of Linux is to have Tux prominently on your mousepad at your office. Buy one for yourself and another for back-up. Whenever you need a gift for a friend, voila, this is a fantastic gift.


Ultra-high quality 1/8" thick rubber with super sturdy material. It took us years to find a shop that could do the quality we needed. Ironically, they are based out of Alaska. Who would have guessed? Alaska has the highest quality mousepad manufacturing plant. Quality control matters.

Price: $ 10

Customer Reviews

  • Author: John
    High quality, seems to be holding up. I throw mine in my backpack and they usually don't last long. This one is flexible but sturdy. Five stars so far.
Alto 3880 S1
Backlit Tux Keyboard
ZU 8330
Alto 3880 S1 Backlit Tux Keyboard ZU 8330
$ 850
$ 25
$ 3,999