Linux desktops -- Built for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Edubuntu and others. Why ZaReason for your Ubuntu desktop? (or Debian desktop or Mint desktop or other) Because we build Linux desktops that just work.

Zini 1660
Mediabox 565
Zini 1660 Mediabox 565 Zeto

Ultra Compact Linux Desktop

Price: $ 549

A small form factor Linux desktop with a 6th-generation Intel Core processor.

Price: $ 649

Zeto is the ultimate, compact gaming machine with Intel 6th Generation Core processor and high-end Nvidia GTX graphics.

Price: $ 999
Limbo 560
Limbo 6270a
Valta X99i
Limbo 560 Limbo 6270a Valta X99i

Mid tower Linux desktop with lots of room for future upgrades, Intel 6th Generation Core CPU and HD Graphics.

Price: $ 649

Best bang-for-the-buck, mid-tower powered by an AMD processor with support for the latest FX eight-core processor

Price: $ 499

The ultimate high-end professional machine - Intel 4th Generation LGA2011-V3 i7 CPU with an available 8-cores (16 threads) and Quad channel DDR4 memory

Price: $ 1,199