Tux for Women

Tux for Women
0.36 lbs
$ 15.00
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Printed in Berkeley, California, US, where we did our first test of this T.

Our very first test was this: Our CTO wore the Men's Black Tux T-shirt to his high school son's graduation ceremony. With over 10,000 people in attendance at the large Greek theater on the UC Berkeley campus, he brushed past plenty of people while trying to reach his seat. Along the way, he heard, "What a great shirt!" and, "Ha, that's cute," along with plenty of great smiles of recognition and appreciation.

While Tux is an up-and-coming symbol of freedom in computing, it feels very, very good to be on the receiving end of those smiles.

Tux is made with an ultra-soft but super sturdy District Threads T for a high-quality cut and long-lasting construction.

Tux is featured in two colors -- red for the women's cut and black for the men's and unisex.

Enjoy wearing your very own Tux T because he truly is so cute and so powerful.