Teo Pro Power Pack

Teo Pro Power Pack
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The Teo Pro was wildly popular, our best-selling model of all time. If you are lucky enough to have gotten one, please consider getting a power pack to further increase the longevity of your system. The goal is for your laptop to last as long as humanly electronically possible. Your beloved Teo Pro should serve you for many, many years to come.


Not only does the power pack guarantee a longer life for your laptop, but it also increases your own level of personal preparedness. Need to go a day or two without a charge? Need to leave a power cord at both work and home? You're set. Be prepared for anything with the Teo Pro battery and power adapter combo pack.




The best part -- the insanely good price.

A charger is typically $59 and a laptop battery is $51. That's $110 for both. Well-worth it, but still. We want to make sure everyone who wants one can get one so we cut the price in half-ish, to $55. You get $110 for $55. That's a crazy-good prize for brand new electronics.


Why would we offer them at such a savings?

1. We adore the Teo Pro. We want to hear back from you in five or six years telling us your Teo is still alive and kicking.

2. We have met many of our customers in person at various conferences or on the phone and we know you are good people -- use the extra money to make the world a better place for yourself and others.